Stadium Feasibility Study

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This from the Cornwall Council website:


‘The study recommended an “Enhanced Stadium” option which includes fully fitted out and integrated community and commercial facilities plus a business centre. The cost of this option would be in the region of £24m but would provide the greater opportunity for financial viability’.

Also, here’s the link for the Council Agenda on March 16th at 10.00 am:

 ieList … 2499&Ver=4

The meeting will follow the Rally which will end at 10.00 am.

Stadium for Cornwall Rally!

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Petition Update: Online: 3,355  Written: 7,607 Total: 10,962 

 Please tell your family & friends to sign online!

The Stadium for Cornwall

campaign group needs…..



The S4C Campaign Group are organising a rally and march in support of THE SPORTS VILLAGE and STADIUM with the handover of the PETITION to Cornwall Council CEO,


WEDNESDAY 16th MARCH at 9AM until 10AM

FREE PARKING AT TRURO CITY FOOTBALL CLUB with the march leaving the car park at 9.15AM

EVERYONE WELCOME, please come and support the S4C Campaign YOU……. can make the difference!


Letters Supporting the Stadium

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Letter from Adam & Emma Blackmore, that has been sent to the local press and Councillors:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’d like to put on record my support and appreciation for the work done so far by Cornwall Council to move forward the Stadium for Cornwall project.

The Stadium for Cornwall would be a huge asset to the county, with the potential impact being enormous to future Cornish men and women, countywide (as well as nationally and internationally).

Having been born and bred in the Duchy (in Penryn), I moved away after university in 2002, mainly for employment reasons – like many young people from Cornwall today. I now live near Worcester with my wife (‘Cornish by marriage’) and young son (future Pirate?). I am a proud Cornishman and keen following of all Cornish sport, particularly the Cornish Pirates.

Having lived in Worcestershire for 8 years, I’ve witnessed first-hand the economic and social benefits to having such a Stadium as Sixways. Not only does it – and the team(s) that play in it – provide a sense of pride and passion to the city and county, it also brings with it excellent economic benefits (particularly employment). Sixways Stadium not only hosts Worcester Warriors games, but has recently hosted England Saxons v Italy A that was shown live on Sky TV, and are about to host the England v France Women’s 6 Nations match. In addition, the club also hosts business conferences, concerts and the like which are promoted under the ‘Sixways Events’ brand to great effect. There is a park and ride that operates from the ground, as well as numerous other events that take place – with the Sixways Stadium being ‘the hub’.

One thing that is clear, particularly in advance of the recent Pirates versus Warriors game at the Mennaye Field, was the excitement and anticipation of the travelling Worcester fans in heading to Cornwall for a rugby game. Not only did they see it as an opportunity to watch the team they support, but also a chance to have a ‘long weekend away’ and take in all that the Duchy has to offer.

Cornish Pirates currently have a passionate and loyal following, but the brand, the team and its potential for the future is massive if they had a fit-for-purpose Stadium to play in. The opportunity to build a ‘Stadium for Cornwall’ and the current league position of the Cornish Pirates means that ‘this is the time.’ People with the commitment, passion, vision and monetary resources of Richard ‘Dicky’ Evans at the Cornish Pirates – and likewise Cecil Duckworth at Worcester – don’t come along very often. Worcester have harnessed Cecil and Cornwall needs to embrace and harness Dicky. The opportunity has to be taken and grasped wholeheartedly by the council and the Cornish people. This opportunity is unlikely to present itself again in the foreseeable future, and if we ‘let it go’ I suspect we will all live to regret a missed opportunity.

The likes of Sixways Stadium in Worcester and Sandy Park in Exeter have the obvious benefit of being built next to a motorway – but there in lies the opportunity to differentiate the Stadium for Cornwall. A stadium in Cornwall and Cornwall itself have their own unique assets – and that’s what this stadium needs to tap into. Worcester fans loved coming to Cornwall – and made the most out of it by spending their time and money with Cornish businesses (ask the pubs and hotels in Penzance who enjoyed a bumper weekend). Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Those fans go back to their hometown and tell others about their great experience in Cornwall. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool, and not only will they come back for more rugby and in greater numbers next time, there’s a good chance they’ll come here on holiday and spend more time, and more money, with local businesses in the future.

Most importantly, what about Cornwall’s young people and its future sports ‘stars’?

• Wouldn’t it have been great if Phil Vickery could have plied his trade ‘at home’ in the Premiership as well as being England captain? In the future, this would be possible with a Stadium.

• Wouldn’t it be brilliant if Cornish youngsters could watch their idols in the county rather than on TV or supporting a football team 300 miles away?

• Wouldn’t it be great if young, up-and-coming rugby players didn’t have to move out of the county to aspire to play Premiership level rugby? Darren Dawidiuk went to Gloucester, Josh Matevesi at Exeter Chiefs, and the promising Rob Coote at the Exeter Chiefs South West Academy. Other notable names include Tom Voyce, who has played for London Wasps, Gloucester and England and Olly Barkley who plays for Bath.

Unfortunately, more young talented people will move away from the county to fulfil their ambitions if the county doesn’t try and match theirs. I’d put money on the fact that they’d play for a Cornish Premiership Rugby team given the opportunity…

Please, let’s not miss the opportunity to create the biggest sporting success the county has ever had – and is ever likely to have.

A Stadium for Cornwall is much more than creating a sporting venue – it’s a chance to improve the opportunities and enhance the aspirations of generations of Cornish people.

Best wishes,

Adam & Emma Blackmore.

‘Kernow Bys Vyken’

Letter from Mr Hugh Wardle
Head ICT Faculty
Redruth School

I live in Kenwyn Church Rd, which is just a stones throw from where the Cornish Pirates had their short-lived stay in Truro. I shall always remember when Harlequins came down to play. Every hotel in Truro was completely sold out for the weekend. Local pubs, shops and restaurants did some of the best business of the year. Not only did Harlequin supporters come down to watch the match, but many brought their partners and family for the weekend to enjoy the many other delights of Cornwall. This happened to a lesser extent in several of the other “big” matches that were held there.

There is now a golden opportunity for Truro to gain a Stadium for Cornwall, at no cost to the ratepayer. Once again Truro will be able to benefit from large scale matches brought by the Cornish Pirates. In addition, as Truro City Football Club moves up the leagues (which is their intention) they will also be able to host similar matches there. Rock concerts and other such events can be held there in the summer. All this for minimal cost to us!

It absolutely astounds me to hear some councillors objecting to this! We are in danger of loosing something that will be of untold benefit to our City. Devon has three sports stadiums (Exeter two, Plymouth one). Why shouldn’t Cornwall have just one?? What is it that makes certain councillors want to keep Cornwall as a backwater where our youngsters have to go elsewhere to achieve their ambitions?

I greatly hope that you, as my elected representative, will be most strongly promoting this once in a lifetime opportunity for Truro and Cornwall as a whole.

As an aside, one of my pupils has just been selected for the England Under 16 Rugby Squad (Ollie Bryant). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could see him play in a few years time in Cornwall, rather than him having to move up to Bath or Gloucester (as did Phil Vickery, Ollie Barclay and several others).

All the best

Hugh Wardle
Head ICT Faculty
Redruth School”

URGENT – Write to you local councillor now!

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Dear stadium supporters,

You will have noticed in the news recently, that the stadium of Cornwall is very much on the agenda!

However, a proportion of Cornwall councillors will need to be convinced. It would be a great help if you could write to your local Cornwall councillor and explain to them your desire to have the stadium of Cornwall become a reality.

Find your local Councillor here: mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1

Sample Letter:

Dear Councillor (Name)

As you are probably aware, Cornwall have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a sports stadium at Threemilestone and at zero capital or operating cost to us, the taxpayer.

As Professor Kenneth MacKinnon said in a comment on signing the Stadium for Cornwall petition:
‘A valuable asset for Cornwall’s socio-economic infrastructure – enabling the Duchy to attract UK and International events and their economic benefits. A considerable plus for health, well-being and morale.’

Without a modern facility that the stadium would provide, I feel that Cornwall will become a sporting backwater and our youth will be unable to compete at the highest levels. And as we have seen so often in Cornwall, they will have to make the trek across the Tamar to realise their sporting ambitions.

I hope you will see the huge benefits of such a stadium to all of Cornwall, and give it your wholehearted support when the matter is discussed at council, or in general discussion with your colleagues.

Signed: xxxxx

This needs to be done as soon as possible! Please, let’s make this small contribution and get it done for Cornwall!

Cornish Pirates – Drive For The Premiership!

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Cornish Pirates – Drive For The Premiership

Mr Richard ‘Dicky’ Evans Interview on Radio Cornwall with Ross Elliss (Approx 1:12)

It was back in 2005 that the Cornish Pirates declared their dream of one day making the Premiership. It is a dream that is still very much alive, and one given a boost following a meeting that took place in the Travis Perkins Marquee at the Mennaye Field, Penzance, last night.

Addressing a large number of ‘Pirates Futures’ members and members of Penzance & Newlyn RFC, the Chairman of Directors for the Cornish Pirates, Dicky Evans, announced that following meetings with the Cornwall Council a chance of a stadium for Cornwall was real.

Evans has put together an advisory team comprising legal,financial and stadium management experts who have analysed the proposals contained in a feasibility study commissioned by the Council. Sensitivity analyses indicate that the Club could proceed to enter into a ten year management contract with the Council to manage the stadium at nil cost to the Council and also therefore by association the council taxpayer.

The Cornish Pirates intend to put a proposal to the Council by the middle of February with a view to support a Council Cabinet approval in the short term followed by planning approval later in the year.

The achievement of Premiership status is the first target to underwrite forward financial budgets and the Club has now agreed budgets for a fully funded full time squad initially next season as the Pirates aim higher. It will take time to achieve as other clubs have found but the commitment is now in place with the Club moving to the new stadium as soon as its ready no matter where they are league wise.

The reaction of members at last evening’s meeting was extremely positive in support, but there are still various details to be considered.

As a part of the plans to move forward, the Pirates will have a slightly bigger full-time squad next season, to keep building what is an impressive developing team under the leadership of high performance manager Chris Stirling and the club coaches. In reply, Mr. Stirling commented that he was excited about the prospects, feeling “that the club was not far off now from having a crack at the Premiership.” Besides player numbers, off field staff would also be added to in a couple of areas.

The personal commitment by Mr. Evans would be considerable, but it was also hoped that supporters would participate in a debenture scheme to raise funds- further details to be confirmed in the next few days. The reaction from those present at the meeting certainly indicated that a worthy level of support for such a scheme from prospective debenture holders.

About the ‘Stadium for Cornwall’ campaign

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Lady Mary Holborow, Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, has agreed to become the Patron of the Stadium for Cornwall group.

“Lady Mary’s enthusiastic approach to major Cornish projects is well known, as she is thoroughly supportive of our aims and aspirations.

The leaders of the four political groups in the new unitary authority, have contacted the Stadium for Cornwall committee, and stated that they are unanimously agreed in principle to the need for a stadium for Cornwall.
At present, the authority is investigating a number of possible sites.

At some stage it might well be important to show the extent of support throughout the Duchy for this scheme.

Currently, 3042 people have signed the on-line petition, and a further 5700 have signed the individual petition sheets.

Please help to swell this number to make it a significant response to a widely perceived need. Get family and friends to sign the on-line petition.”

Stadium for Cornwall Group

Completed forms can be sent to:
Chris Davison
1 Packsaddle Close
TR10 8RR
Online Petition: 3,209 on 11th February 2011
Written Petition: 6,896 on 28th January 2011    Total: 10,105

 From petition organiser Chris Davison:

‘Recently, whilst appearing at the Hall for Cornwall, Paul Jones the BBC Broadcaster & star of the Blues Band & Manfred Mann was pleased to sign the petition in support of a Stadium for Cornwall where sports teams and the performing arts can show their skills. The Blues Band joined him in signing and showing their support, this included the well known musician Tom McGuinness of McGuinness Flint fame’.

It would be good to hear them in the Stadium for Cornwall!

We would like more signatures both online and written.  Please inform family and friends!

Professor Kenneth MacKinnon, Dingwall, Ross-shire, had this to say about a Stadium for Cornwall:

‘A valuable asset for Cornwall’s socio-economic infrastructure – enabling the Duchy to attract UK and International events and their economic benefits. A considerable plus for health, wellbeing and morale.’

You can help make the Stadium a reality by obtaining signatures from family, friends and your workmates!

  • Hosting top class sport
  • A Sports Academy for Cornwall.
  • Training facilities.
  • Learning Centre – Adult Education and other facilities that communities need.
  • A music venue: Concerts, modern bands.
  • The stadium would include restaurants, hotel accommodation and conference facilities.
  • Top class physiotherapy centre that may ease the pressure on Cornwall’s hospitals by tending to sporting injuries.
  • Disability Sports Facilities.

Also, all these facilities would provide year round employment and bring much needed income into the Duchy.

Remember? Cornwall V Yorkshire 1991
‘A sea of Black & Gold’Nigel Starmer-Smith, commenting on a crowd of  57,000!




Cornwall is probably one of the few areas within the UK that doesn’t have a modern sporting stadium.  Yet Cornish sportsmen and women have represented Cornwall all over the world and in many different sports – this remains the case today.  Back in the ‘old days’ Cornish Rugby has had the honour to have played host to many international touring rugby teams over the years including; New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand Maori, France, Romania, the USA, Canada, Japan and the Soviet Union.But can we, the people of Cornwall, host such teams now and be proud of our modern sporting facilities? Can we host a major rugby or football game?  Do we have a venue that would attract top bands for concerts?  The answer must be a resounding NO and we can’t allow Cornwall to be the ‘sporting backwater’ that our sports stadia have become!

So it is therefore vital for the Cornish, the people of Cornwall and our future sporting stars, that we should have a modern multi – functional ‘Stadium for Cornwall’.We must call upon our new Cornwall Council to help facilitate the building of a Stadium of which the people of Cornwall can be proud. Give our Cornish youngsters something to which they can aspire! The Stadium that could supportchart.jpg

Stadium for Cornwall can still be built!

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Following Councillor Fiona Fergerson’s recent motion to remove the Cornwall Sports Village from the council’s capital projects (it was never part of the CCP) was backed in a vote that also prompted various negative comments from the ‘experts’ on public message boards, S4C has placed a West Brition article here:


OFFICIALS at the Cornish Pirates believe that a Stadium for Cornwall could still be built at some stage in the future.

At Cornwall Council’s recent emergency budget meeting, Councillor Fiona Ferguson’s motion to remove the Cornwall Sports Village – which includes plans for a stadium – from the council’s capital projects list was backed in a vote.

But the Cornish Pirates’ chief executive, Rod Coward, said that he remained ‘optimistic that a stadium can be delivered which will meet the needs of its users and the requirements of Premiership rugby’.

“As I understand it, this decision has not impacted upon the detailed feasibility study, which is looking at all aspects of the scheme and which will be completed in the new year,” he said.

“I believe that, if the feasibility study indicates that a stadium is financially viable, then Cornwall Council will at that stage make a decision as to whether or not to go ahead with the project and I remain optimistic that a stadium can be delivered, which will meet the needs of its users and the requirements of Premiership rugby.”
Carolyn Rule, Cornwall Council Cabinet member for the economy and regeneration, confirmed that work on the feasibility study is continuing.

“Members decided not to include the Cornwall Sports Village in the council’s capital programme at this stage.
“However, work is continuing on a detailed feasibility study looking at all aspects of the scheme and which will be finalised in the new year.
“We are nearly at the end of this extensive study that will clearly establish the options on the table regarding the viability of an excellent sporting and events facility for Cornwall.


“We, and all of our partners on this project, have a real desire to see a stadium for the whole of Cornwall become a reality but it must be financially viable and that is why we have stadium specialists looking at the business case.”

Based on the findings of the study, Cornwall Council will assess the project and make a decision next year.

In the past six months the council has spent £78,000 commissioning a report from consultants who cited Truro and Threemilestone as the preferred location for a 10,000-seat stadium, to be used for rugby, football and concerts.

After several years playing their home games at first the Kenwyn ground, at Truro, and then at Camborne RFC, the Cornish Pirates made the decision to return to The Mennaye before the start of the current season.

The ground does not fulfil the requirements for Premiership rugby but the side is well placed to challenge for the one promotion place from the second tier of English rugby in the end of season play-offs.

Currently they lie third in the Championship behind Worcester and Bedford.

Rotherham RFC – New Stadium?

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Rotherham are in talks over moving to a

purpose-built 15,000 all-seater stadium, which they will share with the towns
rugby team-the titans

Talks have reportedly been held between the Millers board, Rotherham Titans
chief executive Mike Cuff and local council leader Roger Stone.
Millers chairman Dennis Coleman told the Rotherham Advertiser: ‘Very positive
and meaningful and exiting progress was being made.
‘Rotherham has desperately needed a new stadium for years and now there is at
last a glimmer of hope on the horizon. There has been a lot of false dawns over
the years but now the people that matter are really lucking into this idea.
‘I must stress that this wouldnt just be a sports stadium but a community
stadium, complete with retail and perhaps hotel facilities, It would form a
real asset for this town.’
Redevelopment work on a new stand at Millmoor will be put on hold, while
council officials consider the proposal.
Coleman added: ‘There is a lot of negotiating to be done but my aim is to have
the new stadium built in two to three seasons time.’
We have heard and reported this story so many times let’s hope this time it
actually happens.

As we in Cornwall hope our stadium actually happens!

New RFU Chief Supports Stadium for Cornwall

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John Steele has taken over the mantle of RFU chief executive from Francis Baron who has stepped down after 12 years in office, has paid a visit to Cornwall on a fact-finding mission as part of a project to asses the state of the game at grass-roots level.


During his time at Northampton, Steele was a driving force behind the re-development of the club’s home at Franklin’s Gardens, which now boasts a capacity of 14,000.


Speaking at Falmouth RFC ahead of an RFU Roadshow at the club, he said: “I believe in the principle of having a really good geographic spread for rugby around the country, but I would fall short of specifying where that should be at this time.  But I do know that the rugby history in Cornwall is immense and people here are passionate and knowledgeable about the sport, and I would love to see rugby thrive here in the future”.


Whilst sounding a cautious note on any part the RFU may play in such a venture, Steele explained: ” A Cornish stadium is a matter for Cornwall but I would love to see viable stadiums in as many areas of the country as possible.  If Cornwall decides it wants a stadium and plans are put in place, then in terms of advice and endorsement, I would be happy to look at it.


Rod Lyon, (Past Cornish Grand Bard) and secretary for the Stadium for Cornwall campaign group, commented: “After the meeting and talking to him (Steele) informally, he said that a multi-functional stadium like we propose is a good prospect, and on the financial side, for every pound that you put in, you get eight back”.

Cornish Council – Stadium feasibility study suggests locations

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Two locations for a sports and events stadium in Cornwall have been identified in a feasibility study.

Truro and Threemilestone have been put forward in the initial findings of the study commissioned by Cornwall Council.

The study, which is to include a business plan and will identify facilities and possible tenants, should be completed at the end of the year.

A team is now looking at options to mitigate any stadium’s impact on surrounding areas, the council said.

‘Nurturing talent’

Proposals for the stadium include 4,500 seats for sporting events and a capacity of 10,000 for events such as music concerts.

Cornwall Council said that if built the stadium would help nurture regional sporting talent to compete on a national scale.

Stadium specialist Gardiner and Theobald have been working on the £78,000 study.

The council said the work had taken four key factors into account – social, transport, environment and economic.

Truro City Football Club and the Cornish Pirates rugby team have both been involved with the study.



Alex Folkes, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Launceston, who refers to himself as a ‘Lanson Boy’ as poured scorn on the stadium:

‘Who will use the stadium? The only sports team which could possibly justify such a ground would be the Cornish Pirates, and they only draw around 3000 fans per game. And why should Cornish taxpayers fund a stadium for one team in any case? Other uses – athletics, concerts and so on – are very worthy, but would be infrequent at best and the problems caused by these for the core user would tend to outweigh the benefits.

Just to be clear – if someone can come up with an expert report which identifies the permanent users of such a facility who can make it pay over the long term then I will happily support the stadium. But we are nowhere near that stage yet and so the scheme remains a white elephant’



This is partly what the feasibility study will assess Alex. So I would suggest you wait until the end of December instead of highlighting your negativity towards the Stadium.


By the way, there has been no mention of the stadium being funded by Cornish taxpayers.  Yet Cornish taxpayers are expected to fund the Olympic stadium that will bring very little – if anything – to Cornwall.


This is about bringing a modern multi-function facility to Cornwall. Why you have chosen to  see the Stadium for Cornwall as a’ white elephant’ before the results of the feasibility study is published is worrying, and may go some way in explaining why Cornwall is seen as the ‘tail’ of the UK instead of the ‘head’.


Think positive Alex – you’ll feel better about yourself.